Poco Deli

Poco Deli, Ayala Triangle Gardens:
One sunny morning, we came strolling along Ayala Triangle Gardens and went looking for BFast resto but never found it (It moved to Greenbelt, I guess). Since all other restos were either closing (to prepare for lunch) or full, we passed by the handsome front of Poco Deli.
The mini landscaped plants and dark square wooden furniture emit a very polished and European feel.
Inside, it looks quite empty. But there are other patrons I just didn't include in the shot. The winery wall is thick and shiny. The wooden tables and chairs make the dining area look like a classroom of some sort.
The deli counter is filled with German and Polish sausages, hams, meats, and bratwursts.
Poco Deli feels cool against the sweltering heat.
I like how the servers stay far and do random activities near the counter or the bar, instead of hovering around guests.
The chalkboard menu boards and brick-wall paired with solid wood are identifications of many European interiors.
Poco's freshly brewed Iced Tea: Php85
Cappuccino: Php120
Gourmet Tapa: Php320
We asked for them to split the Gourmet Tapa for two and this is their very generous presentation. 1 leaf, 1 tomato slice, and 1 cup of rice topped with bacon bits and egg, with a side of gourmet tapa, each.

We love their hospitality and service. Their prices were not too steep as well. Ambiance is relaxed and non-intimidating. Food taste is up to par. So when lazily walking along the Gardens, stop by Poco Deli for some Euro deliciousness and quality time.

Poco Deli
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

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