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Villa La Maja Hotel Baguio

Villa La Maja Hotel & Restaurant is one of the affordable options in Baguio City. A jeepney route which goes straight to downtown (SM and Session Rd) passes on its front gate.
From the road entry, take a long stairs down with an open garden on both sides.
The path is pretty clean, no litter in sight, and ample lighting on the walkway.
The open gardens have outdoor seats and dramatic lights, and a few creepy white statues.
The garden during daytime. Much less intense.
Random statue in the garden
Seats and tiled floor. Smokers flock here. The breeze is so cool at night.
There are numerous pathways, and directional stairs going to rooms located on different parts of the hotel. I guess this is a renovated house of some sort. There's like a dungeon area, back area, and sort-of underground rooms where cell signal is tough.
This leads to some sideway rooms at the back of the hotel.
Dining Area fit for about a hundred. We never get to try this though, we ate out. I have no idea what's on their Menu or what time they open.
More stairs leading underground. Kinda weird and dark and would definitely induce your ghost sensors.
The lobby is an organized chaos of old furniture, native seats, wooden shelves, panels and ceilings, and potted plants on various nooks.
A fireplace perfect for a log cabin completes the vacation house illusion.
I love the view from the huge wall windows by the reception area, but the whole lobby screams of a make-over. Please ditch all unnecessary items, scrape the rug carpet and the several pairs of tables and chairs in varying levels of designs.
The place has such potential if they stick to simple treatment first, then expand later. Sorry, I'm not really a critic. It's just such a waste of grand space. And in Baguio, no less.
One appropriate move is their chandeliers and white round posts. Everything else draws darkness to the place. Perhaps because the floors, walls, and ceiling are all dark wood. Plus the gloomy furniture.
This part, with mix and match of tables and chairs, is another receiving area, extended from the lobby. There's a flat screen TV and a nice huge window overlooking pine trees and mountains.
Homey treatment to the cabinets and counters. The red stripe is a little 60s or 30s? Doesn't matter cause the doily-topped cabinets confuse the hell out of everything.
This is from the left wing of the hotel. Who could've known that red wall-to-wall carpet and striped mahogany walls evoke such a petrified look. Fortunately, no spirits wanted to reside here as well. Hopefully a warmer lighting could help change the mood for this. It's only too stark and unappealing. Dim the lights and it might look a bit cozy.
More stark lighting as we go deeper. Here the walls are concrete with a tile-look. The stairs have a peeling linoleum on its steps. No biggie.
Red floor and a long corridor leads to more rooms. I give them props for cleanliness. And sofa seats on random areas.
This is like an old Spanish-inspired look or something
Villa La Maja Room Rates
Sentosa Heaven Spa Rates @ Villa La Maja Hotel
The rooms have high ceilings and lighter wall hues. This is one of their basement rooms so there's no window. This room is good for 5pax, by the way. Rate is mere Php1750. There's a TV set, no A/C of course, and no complimentary breakfast.
Interesting towel artistry on display here. Beds have a flat sheet and comforter, perfect for snuggling on your own. Wooden bed posts and a single pillow per bed sufficed.
Floor to ceiling cabinet used to be rad. But who stays long enough to use the top ones? Don't mind the old telephone on the wall, it's probably part of the 'flashback' look. A vanity in the middle with mirror proved useful. There are about 5-6 hangers.
The bathroom we got is clean and roomy. No chipped tiles. The hot water is practically non-existent. Even when you've finally heated it, turn it on, the breeze from the window (cannot be closed) will freeze your buns off. There's a bucket and pail for your more advanced activities.
Lavatory seems new. A small mirror is a bit inappropriate, but better than none.

  1. All in all, it was a pleasant stay. The front desk was ever helpful with every query. Location-wise, it's roadside so that's convenient, with a jeepney route.
  2. I know I gave a lot of flack on the design, but that's really none of my business. I just really see some great design potential for it that's all.
  3. I hope they improve the water heaters, and add more electrical sockets in each room. These days each guest surely comes with a phone, laptop or camera and other unimaginable gadget out there.
  4. Recommended? Not so much. I came with a group which chose this hotel. I guess I would've picked a different one if it were up to me.

Villa La Maja Hotel & Restaurant
Outlook Drive Baguio City 2600
Tel: (074) 442-7239

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  1. Now i know why i don't see any pictures of their facade online :(


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