Swensen's, MoA:
Swensen's ice creams are surprisingly glorious! I thought I'd try it out because of all the hype and because it's new. But after the first spoonful, I was instantly at awe and went drowning in creamy bliss.
So far, there's only one Swensen's branch conveniently located at the Mall of Asia. There's one coming up in Eastwood I think. The MoA branch is designed prettily like your good ol' dairy shoppe.
Their ice cream flavors are interesting and subtly addicting. Not horridly sweet, but really gives off a smooth, velvety rich taste.
I came on a weekend and Swensen's was swarmed. Hardly any seats, and many were left standing waiting for available tables. So I decided to have mine for take-away instead.
I like their not too white drop lights and ceiling halogens.
Although the only solid food, aside from random fruits and nuts, were waffles, Swensen's proved relatively popular even during lunchtime.
Expect full house on weekends and during night time. But there will be few spare seats tucked somewhere.
Their massive and confusing menu. Staring at all the ice cream photos would make you smile and drool. It usually takes a few minutes per first time customer to finally decide.
Banana Boat: Php185

Water served.
American Tower: Php140 (Mocha Almond Fudge scoop)

This is their take-away cup. A sturdy plastic with thick plastic red spoon. No covers. It'll be gone within minutes anyway. The ice cream flavor can be changed to whatever you like, just pick from their Menu.

Swensen's Menu (from Swensen's Facebook page) - Click to Enlarge:

G/F Mall of Asia
Tel: +632 804-0046 / +632 565-4655

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