Pizza Volante

Pizza Volante, Baguio:
Pizza Volante in Camp John Hay, Baguio is one of the must-visit restos hands down.
It's in a nice location. Camp John Hay had been renovated and Volante is at the Ayala Technohub where there are clusters of restaurants, cafes near hotels and business establishments like a call center company, among others.
But the great surprise is that you wouldn't believe how cheap their dishes go for.
Comparing with city restos in Manila, Volante wins in terms of ambiance, setting, food presentation, and affordability.
Each table gets this ketchup and salt in a wooden container. There are some flowers and of course, the complimentary view of pine trees and earth. The glass walls are certainly appreciated by customers.
Ginseng Tea: Php24
Porterhouse Steak: Php137
Serving size can be for sharing. Their specialty are pizzas, but we opted for steak lunch. Where else can you find a decent steak for less than Php200? I know Holy Cow have some Php200+ steaks, but none comes with a relaxing view of trees, twigs, and cold breeze.

Pizza Volante
Baguio-AyalaLand Technohub 
Loakan Road, Camp John Hay 
Special Economic Zone

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