Lombardi's, Robinsons Magnolia:
Lombardi's is an obvious Italian joint, if only for its name. The decor and interiors reflect nothing of it, and instead exudes a somewhat subdued cheesecake shoppe in the prairie vibe, but with a hint of musk and bark.
I love the low back chairs that comfortably support the lower back. They don't go higher than the tables which create a more airy and orderly feel.
The slim wooden panels with vague cowhide pattern gives off a dairy store or cowboy barn perception.
Interestingly, everything pulls together for a relaxing ambiance. Waiters are attentive and offered us a refill of the complimentary bread plate. Ask them about the menu and they're appropriately knowledgeable.
Each table is topped with salt and pepper shakers, stack of plates, utensils, condiments
"Questo Cibo e Molto Buono" meaning 'This food is very good".
Free bread plate ~ warm, soft, and perfect
1 liter Iced Tea: Php150
Lasagne Della Casa: Php290
Affogato Al Caffe: Php140
Prices are very reasonable, with a slightly bigger than average serving size. The lasagna was delicious, iced tea was smooth and refreshing.
Affogato was a little let-down. I was hoping for an ice cream scoop with an espresso shot in its dark syrupy element. Instead it was an espresso cup topped with vanilla ice cream. Like a float.
Still, blend it all together and it probably tastes same? I did enjoy my time here and will not protest to trying their other dishes.

2/F Al Fresco Robinsons Magnolia
Tel: 02-623-6901

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