L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano

L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano, Makati:
L'Incontro offers authentic Italian dining in the middle of this quiet part of Makati.
Reservations are required before anything else. There is limited parking in front, but Valet parking is available.
The bar welcomes guests upon entering. I'm guessing this looks gorgeous at night. The colors and the lights must be really calming and fun all at once.
Waiters are easily accommodating, and not in a snob or snooty way. After asking how many are included in our party, we were immediately seated to one of their good-spot tables.
The place is practically empty, save for the other couch table next to us. Still, all their lights lit up for a complete dramatic experience of L'Incontro.
The high ceiling is reminiscent of the many authentic Italian restos. The design consists of wood, red, and warm lighting. All cleanly emphasized by white walls and linens.
Each table are expertly set with glasses, folded napkin cloths, and utensils. Assuming all of these are perfectly clean.
This wall light did not falter thru the bright daylight and still glowed its own soft illumination for a more definite feel.
The comfort rooms come in separate units per gender. The dark tiles and very subdued lighting brings out the darker side of Italian flair.
Toilets are stark white, with giant candles by the floor.
Wash basin is clean and simple. Paper towels are provided, with hand soap, and an eco-friendly bin.
Complimentary breads and dips. I think these are pesto and tomato. The flatbread, when consumed in large amount, are surprisingly filling.
  We got this voucher from Deal Grocer that slashes off 50% the Wine and Cheese Set. Supposedly around Php2000, we only paid Php1000 for the whole set:
A carafe of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo (Italian red wine) for 2, plus Antipasto Piatto (assorted cheese and salami, eggplant caprese with basil with homemade flatbread and freshly made focaccia), mouthwatering Manzo Alla Griglia (Japanese Wagyu steak cubes), hot and creamy Spinach Parmesan Fondue, and Lamb Bolognese Arancini (risotto balls).
* I would say the Manzo Alla Griglia or Wagyu steak cubes were the winner! The cubes were so flavorful, as well as the thin potatoes (?) underneath. Paired with the soft cheese with mushroom on top (I don't know the name), it was one perfect, succulent bite.
* The Lamb Bolognese Arancini I didn't like much.
* The Spinach Parmesan Fondue came in a few minutes late, and was actually really good too. * The salami from the cheese plate was nice and a little sweet. * The other cheese options I didn't find them exciting at all. * The wine does not pair well with anything. Sorry, I know I'm not a wine connoisseur but nothing tasted right with the wine. I guess I needed to be a little drunk to appreciate it.
House brewed Iced Tea: Php90
Minestra di Zucca: Php280
Roasted butternut squash soup
Saltimboca di pollo: Php680
Prosciutto wrapped chicken fillet cooked in wine with mushrooms deuxelle and glazed potatoes
Ravioli di ricotta e nocciole: Php580
Fresh ravioli pockets filled with roasted chestnuts and ricotta cheese in a porcini mushroom sauce

More about the food.. The Squash soup was rich and awesome. Saltimboca di pollo was also very, very satisfactory. The slightly hard potatoes were perfectly salted. And the Ravioli di ricotta were like solid little bites dripping in fresh mushroom sauce. 
Their house iced tea needs an honorable mention. We had repeat rounds of it. It was either blended to precision or the hot weather made us do it...
All in all, we enjoyed our lunch and had nothing much to complain about. We expected it to be expensive so there's no issue about that. 
I still like that most dishes look and taste extra special when compared with other Italian mall restos. L'Incontro is definitely worth the visit. 

L'Incontro Ristorante Italiano 
L'Incontro FB page
207 Nicanor Garcia St. (Formerly Reposo St.), Makati
Tel: 899-0638
Tuesday to Sunday: 11:30am to 11:30pm

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