Saturday, March 30, 2013


Balducci, Serendra:
Balducci sends a strong muscular ambiance that your subconscious self will force you to act refined and gentlemanly for unknown amount of time.
The outdoor-Euro style interiors are played well with select lighting and neutral colors.
Bottled alcohols peeking out the window.
The high ceiling offers an emphasis to the grand design of the place. Dark seats and wooden tables are topped with white plates, linens, and clear glasses.
Long and extra heavy utensils, perfect for stabbing. Your food.
Clean glassware and dining sets are pre-arranged on all tables.
Complimentary focaccia bread basket came warm and with 3 dips - butter, liver spread, and salsa.
Ravioli Balducci: Php440
Prosciutto with Melon: Php430
Prices are steep, given that, they have interesting menu. The Ravioli was really good - no wonder it's one of their best sellers. The prosciutto was nice, but the melon was poor, and only 3 slices? Could've wrapped the meat on the melons for presentation.

Anyway... those were the only dishes we got to try because we just had lunch that time (in a different, cheaper resto).

Will I come back? Definitely, after I've eaten off all the other restaurants in Fort.

Balducci Ristorante & Deli
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio
Tel: (02) 856-0676

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