Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sugarland Suites Ormoc

Sugarland Suites is located at downtown area, right behind Gaisano Ormoc. This one is the newer building, they have an older pension house somewhere in the area.
The bright entry is small but welcoming. The stairs lead to the lobby area. The glass-wall on the right is the hotel restaurant/cafeteria. A security guard is stationed by the corner at all times.
The facade is confusing and the whole street itself is chaotic. But we all find solace inside. There are nearby hotels along the road, including TRN Hotel.
It was still Christmas season when we came, hence their nice tree.
The lobby is yellow but roomy. A vendo machine is available to guests.
The room is surprisingly decent, for a rate of Php700. Two beds, cable TV, en-suite bath (no hot water), closet, A/C, and thermos with glasses. Seems worthy. Only their most expensive room has hot water + free plated BF, and goes for around Php1200 (for 2-4 pax per room)
Yellow all over.
Simple but functional TV
Thermos, glasses in plastics, ash tray
Phone connected to lobby
Nice bathroom considering. No bidet. Decent sized and clean.
The red cafeteria has a huge flat screen, but is mostly tuned to local channels.
Clean and flatly designed. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Each table gets condiments and tissues
Serving size can be for sharing, price is around 120+ per dish (with rice)
They also have cheaper combo plates for less than 100php.

Sugarland Suites 
Rizal St Ormoc City 
Tel: 6541 (053) 561 9660

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