The SPAcialist Spa Ormoc

The SPAcialist Spa, Ormoc City:
The SPAcialist Spa is located right in the busy boulevard. It's open til late and we called a few hours earlier to make reservations. They get busy come night time.
Foot wash area for guests
I love the very boutique spa treatment. Your feet on heated water on black rocks.
This is one of the rooms for body treatments. Shiatsu Massage: Php200/hour
Nicely designed comfort room
Corridor leading to the private rooms
Each room has curtain doors only
I was offered water and tea after my Foot Massage: Php150/hour

For scrub treatments
It's a clinical spa after all, so they offer cosmetic face and body treatments.

The SPAcialist Spa Ormoc
Old Sanggunian Bldg, Ormoc City
Tel: (053) 255 8690 / (053) 561 0562


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