Dakong Bato BBQ Hauz

Dakong Bato BBQ Hauz, Maasin City, Southern Leyte:
Dakong Bato is located right before you enter the central part of Maasin City, if coming from Macrohon. I'm not sure what time they operate, but we got there lunch time and it was deserted. We saw the Menu and appreciated how affordable their dishes were.
The all-bamboo walls and plastic chairs give off a relaxed, homey feel. Usually people start to come before night fall. They have KTV, I think.
One side leads to an al-fresco dining area (right side), while on the left leads to the beach. There are tables there for their guest swimmers.
Overlooking the ocean
I was told that they have music bands on Fridays.
This is probably the 'dakong bato' or big rock. Fine dark sands, clean waters.
Yang Chow Fried Rice: Php100
Chopsuey: Php100
Fish Fillet with Taosi: Php120
Chicken Corn Soup: Php100
Comfort Room, hope they improved it already.
Wash area
Dakong Bato Menu > click to enlarge
Dakong Bato Menu > click to enlarge
Dakong Bato BBQ Hauz
Brgy Isagani, Maasin City
Tel: (02) 3811164

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