Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big Daddy's Chicken House

Big Daddy's Chicken House, Mall of Asia (CLOSED):
Big Daddy's Chicken House is a small joint near the Entertainment area of Mall of Asia. It is often passed over for bigger and more known restaurants, but that would be a mistake. They offer juicy-licious skinless chicken that's perfect even without a gravy.
The small kitchen-cooking area spreads the simmering chicken smell all over their cube.
With 3 attendants at most, serving, cooking, and taking orders, service is not too long, wait is minimal, and food is served fresh.
This joint is the biggest help to me when I attended a huge conference, and all restaurants were packed. They serve chicken and rice meal, or pasta. With or without soup or iced tea. 
Chicken Chop + Rice + Soup: Php95
Iced Green Tea: Php30. BTW, serving size is huge (and mouthwatering!)
Their crispy, yummy, skinless, boneless chicken!
  • Sadly, the MoA branch closed down. Dunno why, hopefully they're moving to a better spot in MoA. But they have branches in Greenhills and DLSU Manila.

Big Daddy's Chicken House
Mall of Asia

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