Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rafael's Farm Tacloban

Rafael's Farm is approximately 27km from Tacloban Airport. That's about an hours drive. I don't remember whether we called in advance or not, but I think asked if we'd need reservation that day. Coming from the airport, turn right to the national highway when you reach the 2nd intersection. Do not turn right at 1st intersection Real Street, that leads to city center. You will pass by Citi Hardware and Le Jardin. Along the road if you see Hyundai Tacloban, Toyota Tacloban, you're on the right road. After passing the Blessed Sacrament Parish, continue straight. Don't turn left as there's an intersection. After passing Tacloban City National High School, the national highway will turn right (this would lead to San Juanico Bridge going to Samar), you go straight. This is Babatngon Road and just a few kilometers away from Rafael's Farm.
Wooden walkways on the pond
Rafael Farm's Restaurant overlooks the beautiful surroundings.
More pathways paved on stones, random bench, and a mini fountain in the middle of the garden.
Huts for relaxing. You can probably rent this.
More paths leading to pocket gardens
The guard station is as cool as the breeze.
This place screams photoshoots!
A roundabout for large buses and vehicles.
Tree house
Restaurant from another angle.
Yes, you can climb.
Pristine white fountain.
Another restaurant for large gatherings.
Whoever is in charge of landscaping and keeping the gardens manicured is a hero.
Each stone step has an etched leaf.
You can request to dine here if you really want to.
Gardeners working round the clock.
View from the gates of Rafael's Farm. The road is good so you'll have no problem reaching the place.
Boats can be rented
This is what dreams are made of. Or daydreaming.
I'd sit here an write a book.
This large property sits on vast land there's not a leaf out of place. Very impressed on how they keep the place clean and orderly. Green everywhere, the sky is the perfect contrast.

Check out >> Rafael's Farm Restaurant here <<

Brgy. Pagsulhugon
Babatngon, Leyte
Tel: (053) 325 0729

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