Rafael's Farm Restaurant

Rafael's Farm Restaurant in Babatngon, Leyte is a secret gem hidden in the outskirts of Tacloban. We got lost a couple of times and asked around to reach the place. For a large area, their lovely manicured gardens were impressively maintained. Cogon roofing hang from the sides and double the roof structure. Inside, a huge, open dining hall awaits guests. At the time, there were about 3 groups about to have late lunch. The serenity and lush greens will instantly lift your spirits.
Details can be seen in every corner.
Jars occupy shallow dip, plants surrounding. Mosquito nets secure the dining area.
We were given this table because of our large group.
Staff were attentive, as there's not much customers that day.
Take you coffee or tea on any of these seats and remember your past mistakes lol.
Their appreciation and use of native materials is evident in their design.
Comfort Room per gender
Seating bench
Fil-Spanish treatments
Toilet is inside
Men's comfort room
Modern facility
Rafael's Farm Menu
Rafael's Farm Menu
Rafael's Farm Menu
Rafael's Farm Menu
We each the Rafael Farm's Special Treat: Php220 each. You get a choice of salad, side dish, main dish, dessert, cold drink
Rafael Farm's Special Treat: Php220
Rafael Farm's Special Treat: Php220
Brgy. Pagsulhugon
Babatngon, Leyte
Tel: (053) 325 0729

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