Friday, December 21, 2012

Myron's Place

Myron's Place
visited branches: Rockwell, Greenbelt 5:

One of the known steak restos in the area is Myron's. It's been redesigned with more flash and dazzle as one wall came carpeted with mirrors. The round drop lights complement the white ceiling and the red-off white striped walls.

Red couch seats are on the left and right side. A lot of tables are accounted for. The servers are polite and do not seem like snubs. Myron's used to have darker interiors on the purple side, and now it has the standard posh resto look, like most other posh restos.

Each table has laid out utensils, napkins, and menus. As for the food, it's good. The servings are huge, except for the Chicken Sandwich maybe, which is humongous. Price ratio to food: still a little steep.
Myron's Greenbelt 5 branch

Myron's Place @ G5
Long and lean are what G5 restos are all about. The sturdy-comfy seats come in orange shade, complimenting the ceiling. The yellow walls keep the area bright.
Striking red drop lights are on even during daytime.
Classic table arrangements
Next to the bar, the near the G5 mall entrance are couch seats in red world.
The glossy bar is stocked with their finest alcohol. Lampshades add drama to the counter.
The same orange treatment applies to the outdoor seats.
Lush greens must be relaxing for the smokers
Mats and a flower arrangement per table.
Red comfort room
Brass faucet compliments the white lavatory and red walls
This is cool. Push for the mini cup and dispense yourself an OraCare favor.
Real or fake? Who cares, it's pretty.
Complimentary bread

Hot tea pot: Php90
Calamansi juice: Php90
French fries
Bianca's Cut: Php1100
Pumpkin Soup: Php110
Herb Steak: Php500
Chicken Sandwich: Php295
Steamed Salmon: Php460
Remarks: Hands down, food and service are great. Steep price yes, but it comes with the territory. One thing to note is their lousy senior citizen discount computation. they'll rip you off with their bogus calculations. They gave us about Php30 discount, out of a Php1300+ bill..

Myron's Place
Greenbelt 5, Makati
Tel: (02) 757-8898

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