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Sunday, December 30, 2012

JM-RN Pier Bar

JM-RN Pier Bar, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte:
Tucked in the small town of Padre Burgos, on the rooftop of a corner building, is JM-RN Pier Bar. It's walking distance to the pier, with boats going to Limasawa Island, and about 3KM to the famed Tangkaan Beach.
The 3rd floor is overlooking the Padre Burgos area on one side, and the breezy ocean on the other.
When the winds hit hard from the seas, they pull down the covers, but leave the part facing town open. By night time, the disco lights commence.
This joint is open for breakfast, which is convenient for their house guests, as it also doubles as pension house. Perhaps around 10 rooms, more or less.
When night hits, the TV is placed on the counter for free KTV for dining patrons.
When there's no particular town event, JM-RN is still busy with locals belting songs, often just taking in beers and cold beverage. During town fiesta or any occasion, it gets surely jam-packed with patrons.
Just list the numbers of your songs and the attendants will line them up in the program. If the other table gives their numbers first, then they sing first. So search fast and write them down already.
Comfort Room and wash area are slightly concealed by shell curtains
Comfort Room
The 2nd floor is JM-RN Sweetie's Pensionne House. I think it goes for about Php1000 per night. The rooms are big with hot/cold shower, 2 double beds, cable TV, A/C.
JM-RN Pier Bar Cafe Menu > click to enlarge
Pancakes (3pc): Php70
Kikiam: Php45
Pork Steak: Php150
French Fries: Php45
Filipino Breakfast: Hotdog, rice, egg, juice: Php120
Filipino Breakfast: Longganisa , rice, egg, coffee: Php120
Sweet &Sour Pork: Php150
Siomai: Php75
Calamansi Juice: Php45

JM-RN Pier Bar
Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte

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