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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zubuchon, Cebu

Zubuchon, Cebu:
Zubuchon seems to be taking the humble, messy lechon to the next level. More posh, polished and international, each Zubuchon branch boasts of famed Chef Anthony Bourdain's quote - "The best pig... ever!"
Packed chicaron for sale. Zubuchon also sells chicharon and pre-packed and sliced lechon in half and 1kilo at Mactan Airport. 1kilo goes for around Php400+ while chicaron packs sells for around Php120.
I like the modern red chairs with white walls and dark tables. Their restaurants seem full of patrons especially during dinner time, and presumably lunch hours too.
Zubuchon Menu
Each table is set with their paper mats with some creative pig designs and drawings, along with matching tissues, utensils, and condiments.
Zubuchon Fastmeal: Php150
Slow-cooked Adobo: Php110
Seaweed Platter Vinaigrette: Php100
Taste wise, I have no idea if it's the best pig ever. I'm not a lechon-lover really, but I wanted to try whether or not Zubuchon will alter my pig perception. Compared to other chicharons and lechons I've sampled, I guess this one's good if not better.
I was told that if I really want authentic lechon, I should head to Carcar instead.
Still, I appreciate how Zubuchon is bringing lechon to the frontline. That alone is worth the visit.

2651 Villalon Drive, Capitol Site, 6000 Cebu City
Tel: 032-2365264 / 032-2547342

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