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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HK Beach Resort, Moalboal

HK Beach Resort is one of the known resorts in White Beach, Moalboal. Tricycles from town would recommend it, perhaps even get a tip from the hotel for bringing guests in. This building is their new construction. The  rooms have A/C, TV, hot water; costs around Php2000 per night, and can accommodate up to 4 persons.
Tricycle charged us Php150 from main road (town) to HK Resort. We later found out that habal-habals (motors) charge only Php30 per head going to White Beach from town, and vice versa. 
The place doesn't look so put-together. A lot of supplies, materials are all over the sides and corners. But it gives a relaxed, community feel. A 'no fuss' resort. And I mean no-fuss, so please don't. Get off your high horse and be a cowboy.
The property is huge, beachfront, with its own sitting areas (for rent for day tourists), understandably free for hotel guests.
These sort-of cottage rooms have 1 Queen sized bed, A/C and toilet. No hot water, no TV. Price is around Php1500.
, over at Panagsama Beach in Quo Vadis Resort, a Php1500 room has hot water, TV, A/C, and a certified standard hotel accommodation and resort facilities, with breakfast, I think. We were supposed to head on there but decided to stay on White Beach instead due to limited time.
HK resort's beachfront entry
The roofed seats and tables on the left are HK Beach Resorts'. It's rented for Php100 each, I think. There are a lot of people during day-time, swimming and hanging out. Boats also flock nearby. But come night time, it's all serene and quiet, just the waves and stars.
White Beach is preferred for its sands. Panagsama beach is known for its corals. But we decided to snorkel at White Beach and found some colorful coral reefs. This would be my first time to snorkel so pardon my contentment with these type of underwater reefs. I'm sure this doesn't compare with other fabulous diving sites elsewhere. But to me, it was enough for an experience.
These rooms look great on photos. They are ok in reality. A table and chair outside each room. Inside are more plain furniture and decor, so don't expect much. Stay outdoors and explore the beach.
View from the room veranda.
Room rate is Php1500
No chipping paint anywhere in the bedroom. Bed has 2 pillows, 1 flat sheet, 2 towels. Comfort room is roomy. No bidet, but functional. No missing tiles. Water pressure is good. There is 1 complimentary soap and 1 toilet paper roll.
White lights are used inside the room. Could be a good thing? I prefer mood lighting to soften the room, considering everything's white, it would totally transform everything.
HK Beach Resort's restaurant is one of the biggest on the beach, that is affordable. There are restos from Ravenala and Club Serena, but they are presumably expensive.
HK's restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. Last call for orders is around 6PM, I think. So best eat dinner in town. We took a motor (habal-habal) and paid him Php120 for a ride to town, back and forth, plus waiting while we eat. There are also carinderia/cafeteria eateries along the beach but they also close early (before 8PM).
HK's restaurant has TV, and overlooks the beach. Food is cooked fresh per order.
HK Beach Resort Restaurant Menu
HK Beach Resort Restaurant Menu
HK Beach Resort Restaurant Menu
Beef Steak with rice + coke/sprite: Php175
Grilled Squid with rice + coke/sprite: Php175
Pork Tocino with rice + egg: Php175
Milo: Php30
Spaghetti: Php150
Nido Oriental Soup: Php80
  • Just a caution, their food servings are huge. Even the tocino from their breakfast plates can be good for two medium-sized people. Spaghetti and soup servings are large too. So mind that perhaps sharing is possible before over-ordering.
  • The place is still pretty safe at night. We walked along the long beach from near end to end and found nothing threatening in sight. A lot of couples are 'dating' on the beach. It would be dark so you might bump them while strolling if you don't look where you're going.
  • A few sari-sari stores are on the beach but they also close around 10:30PM. Some open stores might be available if you can find an attendant. They sell snacks like crackers, nachos, sodas, souvenir shirts, shorts, sarongs, necklaces, etc..
  • HK Beach Resort has rentals for snorkel+goggles (Php100) and life vest (Php100). Forget the germs. The snorkels are obviously not sterilized. Trust the ocean to clean it for you.
  • Recommended? I'm not sure. I did like my stay, but it was mainly because of my companion. The resort alone is not your destination. Enjoy the beach and everything will be worth it.
  • From Cebu City, take a bus from the South Bus Terminal with routes going to Barili, passing thru Moalboal. Travel time is around 2.5hours. Just inform the conductor or fare collector that you're off to Moalboal and he'll drop you there. Bus fare is Php111 for aircon bus, about 15-20 bucks cheaper for non-aircon. 

HK Beach Resort

White Beach (Bas Daku), Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu
Tel: (032) - 511-2499


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