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G4 Station, Singapore

G4 Station, Little India, Singapore:
G4 Station is a great backpackers inn with dormitory style rooms good for 6-8 persons, and standard rooms good for 1 or 2 pax. This is one of their private double rooms with window. Comfort room is also communal for this room.
Location wise, G4 Station is only a few steps away from Little India MRT. It couldn't be more convenient. Upon entry, the clean, white receiving area-lobby-PC station all come together as a welcoming treat to guests.
Free use of internet for hotel guests. Available 24 hours. Rooms are also Wi-Fi ready.
There's a beverage fridge that carries soda, water, juices for sale. Payment is made at the front desk. Thermos with hot water is complimentary to those who want, as well as crackers. No eating right on the PC desk though.
Light coming from outdoors extends up to the lobby sofa, past the front desk and PCs.
Across the PC station is the TV room, available to all guests. There's a large TV, player, sofa, bean chairs. Shoe wears are requested to be taken off.
Souvenir photos of some of G4 Station visitors are displayed at the hallway going to the breakfast room/cafe.
Hallway going to the hotel cafe has some playful footprints on the floor, with a male/female toilet on the left, prior to the cafe.
The G4 Station cafe or dining area. Half of it is open with no roofing. I'm not sure if the roof extends to the end wall during night time.
Sidewalk on the other side is vaguely separated by some colorful blinds and vines.
Guests are free to cook, toast, heat water, and fuss around the kitchen area to prepare their own breakfast.
Plastic knives, coffee stirrers, coffee sachets, bread, napkins (inside container)
Spreads include pineapple jam, kaya, peanut, butter, among others. Milo, sugar, butter are also on site.
Toaster and some disposable cups
I think these are for lunch or dinner, which we never got to try. Rice cooker, thermos, viand containers.
Heater for soup and electric cooktop
Our usual breakfast. We took the jams and butter on our table since we were the only ones there.
This actually turns into the Hangang Korean BBQ Specialty Restaurant during the night. An entryway from the side street also opens. They serve beers, Korean fares, and a good time.
A hanging flat screen TV, usually tuned into an international news channel, offers familiar sounds in the morning.
At the front door to the right are the stairs going to the rooms
Each floor has its own pantry area, next to the bathrooms and comfort rooms. Guests are not allowed to eat inside their rooms and are advised to take their meals here. There's a thermos for hot water, IKEA mugs for coffee, and also coffee sachets. Quite convenient and very considerate to guests.
The common toilet and shower area features 2 of each - two shower room, toilets, lavatories. A big window offers bright lights during the day. A hanging towel can be used after washing hands only - it appeared to be changed each day or a couple of times daily perhaps.
A slim mirror on the Emergency Exit door
Roomy toilet with bidet, and always with a fat roll of tissues.
Large shower room with water heater, hooks and hangers (but leave them in after showering)
Stark white corridor with CCTV camera and a few striking framed photos.
We took this 2-bed mixed dormitory room good for 2 persons only (S$36/person/night). The beds are really good, thick mattress. Although there are some holes on the bed sheets, everything looks and smells clean. Only one soft pillow each. Towels are also provided for S$2 each (rental)
A slim mirror in the door, the split-type A/C overhead.
The closets double as counter to put your things on. Front desk would inform you to stick to the matching name or number of your closet and bed, as any damage found will be charged accordingly.
Two black hangers and a warm, soft sleeping blanket is hanged inside each closet.
I like how they managed to create decent rooms with such small spaces. You certainly don't need a lot to live large.
Another private double room (S$80 per night) being made-up after the guest left. Seems like the double rooms have the windows. These are fuss-free accommodations, best for sleeping only. Most guests are around during mornings and night time only.

We chose privacy over price when we took the 2-bed mixed dormitory room for S$36 per person per night. I know there are other hostel or inns in better or worse location with the same price, but we had no regrets with G4 Station.

Some pros of having a common comfort room - my companion and I get to shower at the same time (separate stalls) and even use the toilet, brush our teeth and just about any personal matter, together. Saves time when following a strict tour itinerary.

Front desk will ask you to either pay S$20 deposit for the room key and floor swiper, or let them keep your passport for the entirety of your stay. I gave them cash. You can also rent an electric plug for S$2. There's an electric socket per bed, which is highly convenient.

Service wise, staff are very accommodating and helpful. They have a baggage room where you can leave your bags after checking-out of your room if your flight is still a few hours away and you want to loiter around somewhere. They require no charge for it. CCTV cameras are also all over the place, except inside the rooms and bath area, of course.

Recommended? A resounding yes! I know a lot of 4 or 5 star hotels in other countries that are far worse that G4 Station. This hostel gives standard hotel service and facilities, except that the usual in-room facilities like TV, en-suite bath, ref, are all in the common areas.

G4 Station
11 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228675
Tel: +65 63345644 

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