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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cue Modern Barbecue

Cue Modern Barbecue, BHSC:
Cue is on of the restaurant offerings in Bonifacio High Street Central, the newest dining haven in the metro. Rows upon rows of varied themed restos are at your disposal.
We wanted to give Cue a try because I've always been favoring meat and anything grilled. We came around 2:30pm. They close on 3pm to prepare for dinner around 6pm.
We literally had the whole place to ourselves. Empty. Save for the numerous waiters in black. Service is ok. Sometimes they make noise among themselves. And many as they are, they often miss to come to our table when we call their attention.
The theme is classy farm house - red, black, and flat golden hues, all merging into sophistication. I expect the light to really glitter the place at night. Those sparkly halogens always do wonders.
The chairs are black and white. The floor is a checked black-white-brown combo.
The walls have an interesting and informative framed pop-up imagery of a cow, pig, chicken, and pls it's not a horse, I'm not sure what though (stupid, sorry..).
Tables are topped with plates and wrapped utensils. A beer and a plant.
Imported beer on each table. Consumption is optional.
Complimentary fresh popcorn
Freshly-brewed Iced Tea: Php90
Rustic Tomato and Vegetable Soup: Php225
Decaf Coffee: Php110
Buttermilk Whipped Potato: Php90
Steamed Rice: Php40
Half-Slab Baby Back Ribs: Php645
With 1 Complimentary side dish: Over-roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Creamed Casserole
and 1 Complimentary sauce: Bourbon Pepper Cream
I would attest to the goodness of their Baby-back ribs. It's soft, bone-dropping meat is flavorful and succulent. Serving size of the half-slab is good for 1 large person.
The pretty image of the uniformed bones make for a more satisfying meal end.
The creamed casserole is a little confusing for me. I love vegetables and cheese, but this one did not exactly mesh well.  The cauliflower is, in its own right, submits a strong bland taste, while the broccoli would be better with dripping cheese than shredded one. Still, the controlled serving size allowed no left-overs.
Red Wine BBQ Sauce: Php28
We got an extra sauce, and from the two, the Bourbon Pepper Cream is far more complimenting and tasteful.
Cue Modern Barbecue
Ground Floor, East Superblock
Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig
Telephone: +632 621-4052
Mobile: +63 917 899-2283

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