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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kalui Restaurant, Palawan

Kalui Restaurant, Puerto Princesa, Palawan:
Kalui Restaurant in Puerto Princesa is a tourist spot itself. Locals highly recommend it and one must never leave Palawan without having tried the Kalui experience.
Kalui obviously offers Filipino fares, from the wooden gates to the greenery, it transforms guests to all things local.
Sunkissed stones on the concrete pathway leads guests to the restaurant receiving area.
The colorful innards of Kalui, It might make one dizzy to stare, but the crazy colors are quite relaxing.
Guests are required to take off their footwear and place them on woven baskets or shoe racks outside. Everyone walks barefoot. No worries as the floor is squeaky clean. Well, most part of it is.
Kalui requires reservations. But from the looks of it, you can actually snatch a table even if you're a walk-in customer. There are numerous tables from front to back.
Although some of the best seats are often reserved first. It shouldn't matter as anywhere you get seated will prove to be a nice dining experience.
The far end part of the house is like a living room, with seats and a souvenir counter. The restroom is also located here.
More local products on display or for sale. Landscaped gardens at the courtyard.
As I said, there are plenty of tables available for the whole clan.
This corridor features more tables on the left, and the open garden to the right.
Leading to the restroom area.
One of the reserved long table seats at back.
Male restroom
Female restroom
Inside the comfort room is what looks like a spa. Mirrors, mood lighting, and wooden stall doors.
sink counter
Toilet with bidet
Native seats paired with wooden tables

A flower, a couple of condiments, and a calamansi (green lemon)
Kalui Restaurant Menu
Tuna Steak: Php215
Fruit shake: Php70
Kalui Special of the Day Set (Good for 2): Php435
fried fish with sweet and sour sauce
fish steak
lato salad
veggies of the day
fruit desert

  • Kalui do accept credit cards. We did have a reservation when we went, although there are plenty more vacant tables.
  • Servers are attentive and quiet. They do not chat loudly with each other in the dining area.
  • Food is good. I love lato so I would be bias to recommend it.
  • The fruit desert was a surprise coz it wasn't in the menu. And it was really really good. They use muscovado sugar and fresh fruit bits - that's it! And it was perfect.
  • Serving size is good for slim to medium sized fellows. It was enough for us, but others may need extra orders.
  • It will be one experience worth trying if you happen to be in Puerto Princesa during lunch or dinner time.
KaLui Restaurant
369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Tel: (048) 433 2580
Mobile: +63 928 753 9621 Opens Daily Save Sundays: Lunch 11-2pm; Dinner 6:00-10:30pm

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  1. Kalui is indeed one of the most famous restaurants in Puerto Princesa. Their great Filipino seafood dishes, coupled with their strong local interior design, is their main selling point.
    It's a good thing that you also enjoyed this place. Means we're doing right to recommend this to our clients too :)


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