Friday, July 27, 2012


Mamou, Rockwell

Mamou's interiors are like a room in Alice in Wonderland, with bleeding red walls and ceiling, checkered floors, and a mixing breed of patrons.
Tables have pre-set plates, utensils, and mats
The glass wall is slightly covered by a thin wine shelving, while the outdoor dining area is clearly visible from the inside.
A section of Mamou can be closed by a partition for private parties

The restaurant's colors emit an exotic modern Victorian look
I like the red queen seats, with a round back cushion.
The whimsy continues to the toilet, with red accent chair facing the commode.
A huge white basin atop a white counter completes the comfort room facilities.

Dalandan Juice

Tea pot: Php85
Complimentary bread basket with butter
Lorenzo's Truffle Cream: Php335
Roast Pork and Chicken: Php345 (half)
Service is, granted, up to par. Price is steep as expected. Serving size is not quite worth the pay, but some dishes' interesting taste and flavor may make up for that. Best to reserve if you are coming dinner or lunch time. I'd recommend the Truffle Pasta - it's crazy creamy and satisfying.

R1/Lvl. Power Plant Mall, Makati
Tel: (02) 822-6218

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