Friday, May 18, 2012

Tangkaan Beach

Tangkaan Beach, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte:
Tangkaan Beach has long been the go-to beach for all of Southern Leyte residents. It remains the top beach amongst the coast of the island, and for good reason. The pristine sandy beach extends to the light green waters that turn blue with a drop of the sea bed.
From Padre Burgos proper, a welcome sign points to the beach. The road goes up and down like some roller-coaster path, but any vehicle can withstand it. The road's been concreted a few years back.
Clear waters. But do take heed, the sand can sink or make like a hole in a second.
Local fishermen sell fresh fishes to beach goers who grill their food and have picnic.
St. James the Apostle perched on top of a limestone rock
Concrete tables and long seats for rent. Rent is around Php100 (more or less)
Hanging vines from large trees
Stairs going to an overlooking diving spot
The beach is maintained, a low fee Php5 per person is asked
Awesome rock formation envelope the area
Tables and long seats. There are reportedly a few elec sockets available near the tables, and some lights are turned on at night.
The painfully long stairs from the parking area to the beach
Toilet-slash-private shower area
Nice place, really
St. James the Apostle
More tables and seats. The table tops are tiled, while the seats are painted. It's good enough to keep the place organized. Coming here would require your own ride. There are 'habl-habal' motors that come to the place every now and then, but prepare to wait for a long hour in case no motor comes up.

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