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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Spa

The Spa, Rockwell:
This is the elegant and subtle silver Christmas tree inside The Spa Rockwell lobby.
Everything is closing on either chrome or gold. This branch is uber exquisite and expectedly, more expensive. I'm not sure if there's a common area in this branch or whether all services get solo rooms.
I was surprisingly given a Suite for my Body Scrub + Massage service (hour and a half long). I made a reservation but didn't ask for a Suite. Anyway, they charged me about Php2500+ for it.
I would say it was well worth it. I used the bath tub for a long time. The en-suite shower had no suffocating sauna smoke unlike in their Greenbelt branch. Plus the huge room with all its plush pillows, chairs, wall mirror, and spot lightings gives you a pampered princess feel.
Standard tea with labeled spa condiments behind.
The Spa, Greenbelt
The Spa in Greenbelt is another fail-safe spa in the city. The theme is calmness and serenity. Upon entry, a bridge walkway takes you to the reception area.
The receiving area of The Spa is roomy and open to waiting guests and companions. A somewhat standard treatment on spas is the brown on white design, with wooden furniture and wall, cushy seats, mellow background music all throughout.
Make sure to reserve your spot during weekends as walk-in guests are seldom entertained due to full booking. Come at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pamper time.

Stairs lead to His and Hers.
Giant door for Male Guests
An Oriental-themed short corridor welcomes guests
Lockers line the left and right walls, which go as high as the ceiling. I kept wondering who gets lucky enough to be given the top locker and not be able to reach it.

A few middle benches are available for guests to sit or place a few items while getting dressed or dressing down on robes.
Shorts, slippers, towel, and a robe are provided per locker.
There are a few hallways and numerous rooms inside, assigned for various treatments and privacy. The feel remains solemn and dark and pleasantly quiet.
Free use of lotions, powders, cotton buds, tissues, hair dryer, hair brush, and other in-house amenities
A circular area with separate vanities featuring more towels, mirrors, sanitizers, and more. An attendant is always available nearby if needed.
One entry leads to the shower area, while the other leads to the massage rooms.
Shower and toilet hallway
Shower stalls give privacy, even with the lack of door locks. The glass doors can be closed. Relaxing hot water can be controlled, while the black stones on shower floor add to the spa flair.
A room can be good for two, provided the treatments are not body massage or scrub. For those, a solo room is assigned.
They have a facility for every service. Foot bench for Foot Massage, and a couple of warm towels.

Foot soak in a large wooden basin for Foot massage, with some mint petals.
Attendants have a clock timer per service.
Equipments for Facial services
Locker keys, complimentary tea, tip envelopes. Tips are encouraged and an envelope is given after every service. These are given at the counter (reception) along with the keys, upon leaving.
Guests can ask for a cup of hot tea anytime. 

All in all, a visit to The Spa never goes wrong. Nothing extremely special, but everything is set properly, and even-though prices are on the upper bracket, it's very well worth the amount you pay. All masseuses are certified professional and experienced. You will get the care and pampering you came in for.

The Spa 
G/F Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati 
Tel: +63(2)8401326

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