Felix, Greenbelt 5
The gold undertones say it all. Felix is expensive and delicious. The trimmed green plants work well with the beige-to-brown hues. Wide mirror reflects the drop lights from the high ceiling.
Candle on frosted shot glass, along with salt and pepper, and a tiny plant on each table.
I like how they arranged the tables symmetrically. There seem to be an overflow of attendants. Not sure if it's OJT season, but perhaps. Glass wall gives a view of the outdoor dining area.
A small bar counter takes care of your liquor requirements. A few round tables next to the U-couch seats.
A long firm seat looks and feel comfortable. Tables are set with white plates, napkins, and glasses.

Toilets. The images look weird at first look. I actually forgot what they were exactly, but come nearer and they'll make sense and you'll figure out which is for the male or female.
Deep sinks. Everything is immaculate, clean, white and chrome. Just classic.
The wallpapers are great. The generic white and aluminum combo works well.
Outdoor dining area for smokers

Complimentary bread plate
Fine Tea: Php90
Hot Dalandan Juice: Php180
Mashed Potato: Php100
Gaithersburg: Php725
Felix is obviously on the upper class bracket of restaurants. Pack some cash if you want to hike here. A few dishes could easily cost over a grand. But of course, service is without a doubt, impeccable. Food taste is also up there, flavors are all over, serving size can be for two (well, not the rice). I would probably come back to test other dishes. So far so good.

Greenbelt 5, Makati City
Tel: (02) 729-9062

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