National Museum

National Museum, Manila

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays: 10AM to 5PM
Entrance Fee: Student Php30, Senior Php80, Adult Php100
Free Entry for all during Sundays

The renovated building has fresh paint, clean toilets, and still a lot of empty rooms to be filled up. Nonetheless, everything seems in order and presentable to guests.

In the open courtyard, an Ifugao house replica presented by Petron Corp. is perched on the ground and can be looked upon closer.

Marbled stairs with indentations. One of the huge vacant rooms.

The building itself looks much like the Manila City Hall, but with less people, proper landscaping, and more polished corners.

Long corridors are not that creepy at all. It's cool inside with the central air-conditioning system turned on. The comfort rooms were also fixed and modernized.

Treasures of the San Diego:

Each gallery are quite impressive already, with track lights, glass covers and built-in wooden shelves.

The other exit/entry door of the San Diego Exhibit

Each group of items have their corresponding descriptions.

Even the floors are squeaky clean. Hopefully they can maintain everything for a long time.

Some cannons and weapons of the old age.

Preserved insects. Very cool.

Other marine life:

Floating snakes and other reptiles:

Jars and layers of the Earth:

This section features another look at the Philippine culture. The old ways of traveling, living, and merchant exchange.

This diorama is very creative.

Some interactive features. Guests can press buttons to see the various routes of reaching the country.

Kaban ng Lahi Exhibit

This stone-walled room feels like a jewelry store. The dramatic lighting and choice of red accents work well with the stones.

The new management sure didn't scrimp out, from floor to ceiling, it's all looking like a legit museum finally.

Kinahinatnan Exhibit

More displays of the simple houses, clothing, things of the past.

A mini community of galleries has a bridge that crisscrosses over different displays.

There are roaming guards somewhere, and they'll inform guests quietly that it's nearing closing time. Don't worry because they will find you no matter where in the museum you are.

Recommended for all ages, visit our National Museum! It's highly enjoyable now, although no restaurant in sight yet, you'll be surprised to learn a thing or two about the Philippines and maybe about yourself too.

National Museum of the Philippines
P. Burgos St., Rizal Park, Manila
Tel No: 5271215

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