Wednesday, February 15, 2012

C & L Hotels:Topview Inn

C & L Hotels: Topview Inn, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental:

One of the tallest structures in the city, and the only accommodation fitting to be called a 'hotel' so far, Topview Inn is clean, decent, and effective to locals and foreign tourists.

The lobby is like an office, so either be straightforward with your business at the reception, or head upstairs to your room. There's nowhere else to go really. Noted that concierge is manned at all hours, and a security guard stays late too by the door.

The rooms occupy the 3rd and 4th floors only. Wi-Fi is free but don't bother, it doesn't work at all. Signal is selective. There are CCTV cameras and the corridors are well-lit.

The restaurant is located at the 5th floor, with a few indoor seats while majority of the tables are al fresco.

The focal point is a grotto or stage of some sort. It's cool to see the tops of nearby trees, offering a refreshing view of the mountains and greens.

Everything works well with a perfect weather and during daytime. It's a bit dark come night time. They provide some reddish dim lights and candles. When it rains, I'm not sure what happens here.

Hotel House Rules:

Top View Inn Restaurant Menu: click to enlarge

Steak / Pancit: Php85

Sweet & Sour Fish: Php160 / Steamed Fish: Php160

Tuna Sandwich: Php60 / Chicken Sandwich: Php60

Steak / Yang Chow: Php40

Macaroni Salad: Php90

Calamansi juice with honey: Php25 / Milo:Php30

Complimentary breakfast for 2 per room: (with juice or tea or coffee)
One thing I can say, the prices are amazingly low. Of course, compared to city rates that is. Taste is good, presentation seems thought-of, serving size is way worth the price and good for sharing.


Topview Inn – Bayawan City, Negros Oriental
Tel: Call (035)531-0356 / (035)430-0038

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  1. We had to put up with inappropriate music till past midnight blasting in from the area in front of the hotel. , they should have paid us to stay here. Extremely unhelpful staff did not even know when we could expect the torture to end. Its so loud in the room that the tv on full audio could not be heard. its so far outside of the realm of the acceptable that I hope not one person will consider staying here from tripadvisor. its now almost midnight as i write this review with no end in sight. I truly hope this hotel goes out of business. I cant stress strongly enough what a waste of money this is.


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