Metro Gourmet Kitchen

Metro Gourmet Kitchen, Market! Market!

The Metro Gourmet Kitchen located at the Market!Market! basement next to the supermarket is an open area consisting of 3 sections against the walls. People pass thru flowingly from the escalator to the bigger food court beside it.

Rouge paddings on dark chairs are paired with sturdy tables. Airconditioning is strong in this area. Their menu stands on each table. One section features cold cuts and deli, another for pastries, and one for pastas and salads.
Metro Gourmet Kitchen Menu (click to enlarge):
Pumpkin Soup: Php75
Chunky Chicken: Php95

We only got to sample a couple of their dishes. It's obvious they make them mostly from scratch and kept fresh. Serving size is adequate. Prices seem fair, considering the convenient location and the nice, bright ambiance.

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