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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage
visited provincial branches: Maasin City, Batangas City, Dumaguete City, Legazpi City, Ormoc City

  • Nuat Thai: Batangas City
In Batangas City, Nuat Thai is located about a km from SM Batangas. The large facility is one of the well-designed Nuat Thai spas I've been to.
The front desk welcomes guests, then you will be asked to proceed to their receiving area with a sofa set, and have your footwear changed for slippers.
Massage area is on the 2nd floor. This black lazy boy chairs are for their 'foot massage' service.
Comfort Room is clean, with subdued lighting. The relaxing mood is continuous throughout the facility. Nuat Thai is fast becoming the most-franchised spa in the land. Services are more or less consistent, and their accommodation more and more sleek and modern.
Body Massage
: Php300 (with oil)
Foot Massage: Php250

  • Nuat Thai: Maasin City, Southern Leyte
Nuat Thai is probably the closest thing to a spa one can find in Maasin City. This is already an improvement, considering Maasin is still a developing city, with only Jollibee as its most popular restaurant. This will change soon, as Gaisano Mall is set to open on Sept 2011. Nuat Thai is located quite far from downtown. Most tricycles may not be familiar with it, but since there's only 1 main road, it can be easily spotted.

Upon entry, their receiving area consists of a bench and the reception counter. The bamboo bench is where guests are asked to sit and have their feet soaked in hot water, and their footwear changed to slippers. I'm not sure if the same procedure is done for those availing Body Massage, as we only tried Foot Massage.

Nuat Thai Service Menu (click to enlarge)

Inside, a dark corridor, lit only by soft floor and overhead lights, instantly transforms guests to a relaxing state. Spa music also fills the air, as well as cool airconditioning.

The walls are bamboo, with many divisions for Body Massage service. An open area for their Foot Massage service is located near the entry.

For the Body Massage mini-rooms, beds are placed on the floor, with a closing curtain for privacy.

The Foot Massage service area features 5 or 6 modern black chairs, enhanced with more floor lights. The good part is that they do not skrimp on towels per customer.

They have native baskets for lotions and powders per client.

A heated body-pillow is given to each guest to be wrapped around the body, providing a very nice warmth to your backside. A smaller heated pillow is also given to be placed behind the neck, on the shoulders. After the massage, guests are offered Green Tea or water.

For the amenities and service, I have no problem whatsoever. The massage itself is a little lacking, though. I tried their Foot Massage service a couple of times and noticed that the masseur/masseuse focused an awful lot of time massaging the top side of my feet, instead of the bottom (soles, heels, etc), even after I requested 'more on pressure points'.

If you are in dire need of a relaxing massage, don't expect much on this branch. The place is nice and very conducive, but I myself prefer a good reflex. But their prices are low, which is probably worth what you'll get. Still, it's a good escape for a while. Attendants are polite, though sometimes they talk among themselves even while servicing.

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage
Maasin City, So. Leyte
Hours: 12noon to 10PM 

Nuat Thai Dumaguete
 One of the cheapest Nuat Thai Branches is in Dumaguete, costing a comfy Php150 for 1-hr massage.
 Nuat Thai Dumaguete Rates
 Inside the spa, it's quite dark, but calming. They try to maintain the serene and quiet atmosphere, which I appreciate. Other spas have loud attendants who gives no rat's ass about whispering out of courtesy.
 The dividers are actually for Foot Massage sessions. I love that they have solo rooms even for foot treatments. Body Massage stations are upstairs.
 A long wall seat is available for all waiting guests. You also get your feet washed here and your footwear changed into slippers.
After each session, a small cup of tea awaits.
Nuat Thai Dumaguete contact# (035) 422 4951
Nuat Thai Ormoc
 Nuat Thai Ormoc has a lovely receiving area. It's quite new when we got there.
 The roomy hallway shows dividers, each with a bed and curtain door; and some solo chairs at the end, for foot treatments perhaps.
Nuat thai Ormoc Rates
Nuat Thai Ormoc contact# (053) 561 2477 / (053) 255 8334

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