Kuting Reef Resort

Kuting Reef Resort boasts landscaped pathways, private beach, al fresco dining, infinity pool, among others.
The resort maintains lush, manicured lawns, with select coconut trees in line.
Drop off area at the hotel lobby
The strong winds scramble the coconut leaves, but offers a cool breeze to guests.
Quiet pathways leading to the rooms.
Large compound and open grounds
Outdoor dining table and chairs under a net (leaf-catcher), by the pool
Motorboats parked on standby
A high hammock for stiff relaxing, as the waves crash on.
There are monitored hours for beach swimming when the lifeguard is on duty. This day it was particularly dangerous as the waves came in hard.
Private bamboo walls for outdoor rinsing
Mighty waves
Lifeguard not on duty

Yellow lanterns swing to the left
Infinity pool
I love the colors of this pool. Green grass, blue ocean, and aquamarine pool. Perfect.
I don;t know how often they clean and change waters, but it looks well managed.
Pool chairs
Not sure if guestrooms, probably the dorm with bunk beds
Honesty Store - interesting concept. Pay for what you get. I feel like even if I pay, I still look like I pocketed items, haha. People seem to assume I'm always up to something. I stayed away from this area the whole time.
Lobby. A little unorganized in some corners, but very welcoming.
Luscious couch beckoning for down time.
Beach wear, items for sale. This is a sight for sore eye. I hope they give proper place for this.
More seating areas in the lobby.
Clothes and other merchandise for sale
The doors are end on end, so the lights come in both directions.
Mini piano
Interesting door labels. Bading, Gentlemen, Ladies. 'Bading' means gay. Very supportive of the 3rd gender. Kudos to Kuting.
The Casitas: around Php4200/night
Modern public comfort room
Complete toilet amenities
Cabanas: Php2700 to Php2900/night
Giant chessboard
Boardwalk Grill Restaurant

Kuting Reef Resort
Bgy. Asuncion, Macrohon, Southern Leyte
Tel: (53) 5721023

(53) 5721008;
(53) 5708881
(53) 3812882

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