Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kinamot sa Abgao

Kinamot sa Abgao, Maasin City, So. Leyte:

A decade ago, the only restaurant considered casual/fine dining in Maasin is Kinamot. It is where town and political visitors are taken for lunch or dinner. It used to be a humble native joint, but the first to ever consider interior designing a restaurant. Now it has flourished into a huge restaurant cafe, with a classy small hotel, Hotel Villa Romana, on its upper floors.

With ample parking area, Kinamot also boasts a charming old world feel. From the earthy hues to intricate wooden details, the Filipino-Spanish treatment is evident.

Comfort rooms are situated outside the main dining area.

Upon entering, the open setting offers a wide view of the ocean.

Dark chairs and tables compliment the native ceiling made of 'banig', with splashes of mini capiz-window accents.

The tiled floors are kept clean. A couple of indoor potted plants are scattered in the restaurant.

The air can get dewy and hot, especially during noon, but it's cooler at night and Kinamot sparkles with cozy lighting come dinner time.

This restaurant is safe, even if they offer a few alcoholic beverages. Attendants can be slow at times, and the cooking can also take time if the area is packed. Make sure to place your order immediately and get ready to wait at least 15minutes for food to arrive.

Foreigners are always hanging out in the resto for a beer or coffee, mostly guests of Hotel Villa Romana.

Kinamot is also a venue for private affairs including wedding receptions or birthday parties.

The view of Maasin Port can be seen clearly from the tables.

The cafe/bakery offers cakes and pastries.

Also part of the hotel's receiving area, the cafe is decorated with the same native theme.

Comfort Rooms have been updated through time. A simple yet functional lavatory with a huge mirror and wash soap is provided for guests. Although there's only 1 toilet per gender (as of now).

Kinamot sa Abgao Menu (click to enlarge):

Cakes start from Php35 per slice:

Iced Tea: Php25

Sweet Corn with Crab Meat Soup (half): Php90

Shrimp with Lemon Sauce: Php180

Chicken BBQ with Plain Rice: Php95

Beed with Ampalaya: Php200

Kinamot is still the top restaurant in Maasin, being the first choice for important gatherings. Hotel Villa Romana has limited rooms, but each designed with luxury precision.
If you come to Kinamot super hungry, reroute instead to another restaurant. Cooking here takes time. But if you come with a good company to kill time, then head to Kinamot for a pleasant meal and a balmy ocean-view ambiance.

Kinamot sa Abgao
Brgy. Agbao, Maasin City, So. Leyte
Tel: (053) 381-3878

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