Jo's by the Sea

Jo's by the Sea, Sibulan, Negros Oriental:

Part of the popular Jo's Inato restaurant chain, Jo's by the Sea is a refreshing escape from the buzzing city, offering the same tasty chicken dishes and Filipino meals. Situated in Sibulan, north of Dumaguete, Jo's by the Sea has ample parking space, inside and outside the compound.

A well-manicured lawn, lined trees, plants, and shrubs provide the green against the brown wooden structure of the restaurant, and gray concrete pavement. The vast blue sea and sky serve as the backdrop for this amazing place. Across Jo's by the Sea is a botanical garden and Mama Mary grotto, also open to the public (with minimal entrance fee, I think).

Upon entering, slits and slabs of wood, layered with cogon roofing is crafted to precise perfection. Complimenting the look are wooden chairs, tables, and hanging lights made of native materials.

Al fresco dining means sitting by these boats which are cleverly converted into seats and tables.

Facing the ocean, and under the shade of large trees, it is quite a unique experience to dine on these converted boats.

The restaurant offers numerous wash basins, self-service purified water station, and well-kept restroom. Each table is allocated basic condiments, placed on cut bamboo containers.

Though clearly not necessary, there are a few wall fans in the restaurant. But the sea wind easily provides cool breeze. Service is ok. I never got to try this place during peak hours, so I have no idea how their attendants handle large customers.

Jo's by the Sea Menu (click to enlarge):

Iced Tea: Php27

Halo-halo: Php52

Fish Kinilaw: Php120

Sotanghon Guisado: Php105

Buko: Php40

Chicken Inato: Php82

Chicken Pork Adobo: Php145

Shanghai Rice: Php65

Jo's by the Sea (Jo's Inato)

Ajong, Sibulan, Negros Oriental
Tel. No. (035) 2266455

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  1. It's so inviting and appetizing meals and our famous delicious desserts.....
    promise to visit this place when i'll be on vacation. thanks


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