Kuting Reef Resort Restaurant

Kuting Reef Resort Restaurant, Macrohon, Southern Leyte
One of the modern hotel and restaurant in Southern Leyte is Kuting Reef Resort. It's named after the place, Kuting, which is a sharp corner turn along the road.

Outdoor dining area. Best for dusk or night time. Too hot for lunch. And flies roaming around will annoy the hell out of you.

The yellow treatment is appetizing. They offer buffet and ala carte.

We picked the nice corner table with wicker chairs.

Buffer presentation.

We actually came here to order dishes for take-away an event we're having. But decided to also try their fries and fish fillet meal.

Calamansi Juice: Php70

French Fries: Php80
Cream of Mushroom: Php70

Fish Fillet: Php380

Fly got inside the resto.
Kuting Reef Resort Restaurant Menu > click to enlarge

Appetizers, Salad

Pizza, Sandwiches

Main Course

Desert, Pica-Pica

Kuting Reef Specials

Soup, Pasta

Kuting Reef Boardwalk Grill Menu > click to enlarge

Appetizers, Soup

Main Course

Side Orders

Boardwalk Grill Specials
Inihaw (Grilled), Salad, Vegetables

Beverage List

Liquor, Vodka, Rhum, Gin, Wine, Whisky, Brandy, etc..
  • The restaurant is also a venue for celebrations, rented out for various occasions.
  • Check out photos of Kuting Reef Resort's surroundings and amenities here.
  • Service is favorable. At the time of visit, there were too many staff, but I'm sure that helps during peak hours. 
  • From the main road, sans vehicle, one must walk a couple hundred meters to reach the hotel. 
  • A vast parking area is open for patrons, free.
Kuting Reef Resort Restaurant
Bgy. Asuncion, Macrohon, Southern Leyte
Tel: (53) 5721023

(53) 5721008;
(53) 5708881
(53) 3812882

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