Focaccia, A. Venue Mall

A.Venue Mall is slowly morphing into a foodie's destination. It opened with a bunch of foreign, fusion, classic Filipino, and other unique restaurants, but unfortunately quietly tuned out due to lack of other things to offer. Now it's building itself up again as home to Focaccia, one of its resident crowd-drawers.

Focaccia is located inside the mall. It is quite small but colorful, and surely eye-catching with its red against gold theme. A gelato station can be seen fron outside.

Inside, a box area is decorated with droplights, accent lighting, tic-tac wall of colors, and clean white tables and chairs to balance the festive hues.

A red wall features a window, where orders come out from the kitchen. A wall-papered or painted wall has some varying colors of blue from birds and water, as well as a tall mirror for added reflection.

The bar at the corner, where waiters flock, displays some wine, spices, and condiments.

Servers are ok. They are not too formal and sometimes can be loud when gathered among themselves, but service is good, nonetheless.

Staple Italian spices of chili and cheese are given upon making your order. The olive oil for our bread came really early, as our bread was served very late - even after our orders came.

Complimentary Bread basket:

Fresh Dalandan Juice: Php65

Soup Trio: Php150

Fish Filet in Caper Sauce: Php280

Steak with Red Wine Sauce: Php350

The red wine sauce is delicious and different. It's not the usual tasting sauce. Serving size is pretty big, taken from the large plate, it will fill tummies of all nations. If you're tired of the usual Italian joints, Focaccia is a good place for some Roman diversion you will surely enjoy.

Focaccia Italian Restaurant
A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
Tel:(02) 729-9403

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