Keni Po

Keni Po budget hotel is one of the better accommodations in Tagaytay. It's very affordable, has room service, swimming pool, large parking space, roadside (easy jeep access), and situated right next to the church Ina ng Laging Saklolo.

Keni Po is located next to 5R budget hotel. The 2 hotels have roughly the same amenities and price range. A small reception room is open 24/7, always with a guard nearby. The front desk is sometimes unattended, but will come around eventually. You can see in their tv the security cam footages from all over the compound.

The main corridor is huge and high, and really cold at night, as the wind passes from open areas from front to back. The end of hallway leads to an upward stairs and the hotel garden, pool area. Upstairs, more rooms are located, decorated with the same thick color combination, dark wooden doors, and accent column tiles.

The back side of Keni Po features the pool, the garden, a couple of 2-storey seating areas, and more private rooms at the corner.

The garden path is quite calming, with creeping plants on the roof, and ample seating areas with tables. This area is a WiFi hotspot, but even during daytime, mind the cold winds.

Covered seating areas even have second floor seats, a table, plus a view of the whole compound.

Keni Po pool:

Swimming pool rules:

At night, soft lights lit up the garden and other public areas:

The private rooms are lit with bluish-white lights.

The pool is especially pretty, reflecting white lights from nearby rooms.

More brilliant white lights.

For a low price of Php1,700 per night, this huge guestroom can be availed. The queen-sized bed has additional pull-out bed underneath (with beddings). The only drawback is that there's no closet, no hangers, racks, or hooks for clothes or sling bags.

It has a small table with 2 chairs, en-suite bathroom, tv, and complimentary toiletries including a toilet paper roll, soap, shampoo, tooth brush, and towels. The tv remote we got was busted, so high as the tv was, we labored manually pushing buttons all night (in tippy toes).

The mini-fridge is filled with drinks (surcharge).

The bathroom is very decent, bright, and even has a safety rail / grab bar. It's not expected to be perfect. The bidet was leaked a bit, but after we reported it, the plumber immediately fixed it. Prompt service.

Keni Po Room Service Menu

Ordered from room service, we suggest giving their dishes a try. Food is cheap, tastes good enough, presentation is not bad, quantity is decent-sized.
Pork Adobo: Php75

Gladly recommended, Keni Po accepts walk-in. If you happen to wind up in Tagaytay, ask the jeep/tricycle driver to take you to Keni Po. Attendants are friendly, hotel is safe, food is good, and room prices start at Php1,200 per night (single/twin sharing rooms).

Keni Po
110 Calamba Rd., Sungay West, Tagaytay City


  1. Nice, ang cute ng set up ng bahay.. Napaka unique ng kulay



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