Snoop's Diner

Snoop's Diner, Hobbies of Asia
Still somewhat unknown, but a trip to Snoop's Diner will prove to be very satisfactory indeed. It occupies one of the stalls in the resto/entertainment-filled Hobbies of Asia, which means a lot of competition for them.

About 2 cars can park directly in front of Snoop's. Upon entry, it is a loft unit, with extra seats upstairs, while the kitchen is underneath. There seemed to be no comfort room, or perhaps there is one tucked away somewhere.

The colors try to adopt the general diner hues, except the huge glass window overpowers the usual rich diner theme. The drop-lights are way too high to actually drop.

The bar seats are quite inventive, looking like red, inverted soda bottle caps.

With a small space, they were able to provide television (mostly for the crew), 5 tables on the ground floor, and attentive waiters.

The chairs are wooden, and each table is furnished with soy sauce, ketchup, worcestershire sauce, table napkins, and tooth picks.

Snoop's Diner Menu

Cream of Mushroom: Php50

Honey Fried Chicken: Php230

Tenderloin Beef Salpicao: Php225

For the price, the quantity, and the taste, Snoop's Diner is one of the best valued restaurants out there. Dishes are flavorful, and those with sauces really have sauces. Service is good and with limited offerings in their Menu, they're able to deliver everything with better quality.

Snoop's Diner
Hobbies Concept Mall
PXA-3B, 8 Macapagal Blvd, Pasay
(632) 836-1805

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