Monday, April 4, 2011

Buon Giorno

Buon Giorno, The Cliffhouse - Tagaytay

Buon Giorno is another gourmet destination in Tagaytay. It faces an overlooking view of the Taal lake and the ocean, and offers a cooler than cool breeze of the pines. Across the lot is another posh dining spot, the Firelake Grill.

Upon entry, visible Italian touches are obvious, from the rich tiles, brick accents, dark wooden seats and chairs, and the indoor windows common in Italian pizza places.

Waiters are very prim and decent. Each table has salt, pepper, tabasco sauce, olive oil with herbs, and stack of tissues.

Buon Giorno Menu:

Complimentary Bread Basket

Tarragon Tea: Php54

Decaf Americano: Php62

Croquettes with Mozarella: Php218

San Prieto Con Basilico: Php470

We recently visited Buon Giorno (Aug 2014) and had these familiar dishes:
Mushroom Soup
 Tarragon Tea
San Prieto Con Basilico

Everything has topnotch flavor and the servings are generous. I would recommend Buon Giorno in terms of price and taste, if compared with next door Firelake Grill. You get the same fine dining quality, but with a more relaxed and not-too-stiff vibe.

Buon Giorno
4 Cliff House, Tagaytay City
Tel:(046) 483-2102

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