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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The A-MAZE-ING Garden Adventure

The A-MAZE-ING Garden Adventure 
Location: Ayala Triangle Gardens
There's nothing better than spending the weekend at the park, watching these adorable doggies play, run, and just be their super sweet selves.
This is part of the games where dogs eat food pebbles, I think..?
Super cute
Owners and trainers were ready for a treat for every challenge the dog finishes, or not finish.
This is a cool task because not all dogs manage to get in the tube.
Big dogs are usually comfortable with the bridge challenge.
Mini fly
Hop across the hoop
Ride the sled
Sand pit
It was a pretty hot day (more panting)
Cute dog in his striped shirt and little black shoes ensemble seem utterly interested with this shaggy beauty.
A hound dog and a super clean white poodle
This dog is trained to not eat the bacon on his nose unless instructed to. Such self-control.

Mini doggy shoes are the bomb!
Handsome husky with his prize
Playful Scottish Terrier
Bull Terrier and a friend waiting for treats
Guarding his Alpo bag?
Everyone came patting his dog's head. He's really nice and friendly.
Sprawled on the ground like one of them french girls
Well behaved, even when momentarily tied on a tree.
More photos from the event:        

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