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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones, Greenbelt

'A posh and expensive diner' is one way to describe Mr. Jones. Located along the high-ceiling restos of Greenbelt 5, this diner offers a lot of interesting dishes, but with a very steep price.

As always, only a strip of seating arrangement is available inside, which is common to restaurants in the area. The glass wall lets the light in, and shows the view of al fresco seats with umbrellas.

Padded end walls, red couches, baby blue chairs on select tables, and orange droplights make the standard color-code for diners. Old music also plays, along with the serving of colorful utensils and plates.

Outside, a large mist blower provides some breeze. Usually smokers take outdoor spots. There seem to be more tables outside too.

A mix of red couches and blue-green chairs and stools under white umbrellas occupy the outdoor dining.

Mr. Jones Menu:

Each table has the staple diner condiments: ketchup, steak sauce, stacked serving plates and utensils.

Service is good and doesn't take too long. Servers are knowledgeable of their menu and are polite at all times. The kitchen is just behind the wall-divider, but they manage to keep the noise not too loud to be heard from the dining area.

Coffee Decaf: Php110

Fresh Lemonade: Php195

Crispy Bagels and Salmon: Php295

Eggs Benny 2-ways: Php395

Mashed Potato: Php65

Food's flavors are great. The 'Eggs Benny' tastes too rich but filling. The 'Crispy Bagels and Salmon' is like a really tasty pate with a twist. I could recommend it, but only for snacking. I only hate the pricing. I think it's too high. The 'decaf coffee' costs Php110 but the cup is miniscule (like half the size of Starbuck's decaf), and no refills. But the 'Eggs Benny' is thick and good for two already. Yeah I probably won't come back. Try Gram's Diner for more a reasonable price.

Mr. Jones
Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St, Makati

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