Danny's Grill

Danny's Grill, HK Plaza - Pasay
One of the many restaurant along Macapagal Boulevard. is Danny's Grill at HK Plaza. It offers local cuisine among the row of international, continental, ktv bars in the strip.

Few parking slots are allocated per restaurant, but you can randomly park anywhere in the area. The loft interior is contrasting in colors of mute yellow, bad maroon, blue splashes, with dark tables and chairs .

Fishes in the aquarium can be ordered to be cooked fresh. They have a buffet lunch everyday, but mind the flies which land on the food. There are private rooms upstairs for groups or meetings.

Banana Split: Php150

Adobong Pusit: Php180

Steamed Pla-Pla: Php200

Yangchow Fried Rice: Php220

Nothing sensational about the food or flavors. This is a good-time resto that would be a decent backdrop if you are with a group of awesome friends. If you're a serious eater, try Yakimix across the road.

Danny's Grill
H.K. Plaza, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City
Tel: (02) 833-4811

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