Thursday, February 24, 2011

CWC Camsur Watersports Complex

The now infamous CWC Camsur Watersports Complex pumped Naga's tourism industry to permanent travel spot level. Funded by the province's own governor, everything is amazingly man-made, including the lake. Upon arriving, the CWC resort's own shuttle bus picks you up. This service is complimentary if you are accommodated in the resort. The CWC is pretty close to the airport anyway, but a tricycle ride would still cost around Php50.
When we arrived it was raining a bit, which was cool. After we checked-in, the shuttle dropped us off to the road nearest our cabana. A pool outside the Reception Hut is usually empty. I don't know who uses this. There seems to be some accommodation nearby or around it.
Most accommodations are grouped, but next to each other leading to the wakeboarding lake, except for the Villa Del Ray Tiki Huts. There are roads throughout the compound, and walkways on grass beds leading to each room.

Villa Del Ray Dwell Homes
Villa Del Ray Wood Cabins
Villa Del Ray Containers
Villa Del Ray Cabanas
Villa Del Ray Tiki Huts. This cluster is located near the pool, and just behind the Clubhouse Restaurant.
The Clubhouse has these huts between the lake and the pool. I guess it has to be rented if there are a lot of people. Another line of huts is reserved for outdoor massage.
Massage Rates:
Massage Huts:
Pool (not heated)
Night-time swimming:
The wakeboarding jump-off station is filled with plastic tables and chairs. You can also order food from here.
The man-made lake has tiny fishes and sand border.
The Winch Park is recommended for first-timers. It has a straight path, perfect for practicing.
Click to enlarge photo below to see the swarm of black bugs suffocating the flood lights. The bugs smell, and every possible light source is their favorite. Other insects like spiders, butterflies are pleasant additions to the place.
The Clubhouse at night. It closes around 10pm or 11pm. But best to ask the restaurant for their last call time. There's a bar next to it, which opens late and has dim windows. Seems like a classy place.
It is safe and peaceful to walk around the vicinity at night. Endless insect sounds are somewhat soothing, and the night sky is so huge. It's such a contrast to the city's limited sky.
Gray skies when it rains. But wakeboarding afficionados continue to ride the cables.
When its pouring rain, wakeboarders often wait it out to stop, and hang out the Clubhouse. They blast music form the restaurant to keep everyone upbeat.
Near the Clubhouse are snacks/coffee take-out stations and equipment rental booths.
Lago del Ray
More water activities are available in Lago del Rey, which is located right next to the Clubhouse.
Their list of facilities include boatrides for Php100/hour, jetski, sailboat ride. I think there's an entrance fee if you are not staying at CWC.
Maybe during summer there are a lot of people, but during our stay it was deserted.


Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur

Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur


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