Monday, August 29, 2016

Updated Chocolate Quest: Royce vs Patchi vs Ragusa vs Matcha Tiramisu

Patchi, Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5:

Imported from Lebanon, this rare Patchi franchise is owned by Mr. Ben Chan of Bench TM. The place is small but exquisite. White walls, glittered with shiny chocolate wrappers.

click for Panoramic view of Patchi:

Shades of gold, silver, and brown sparkling little gems behind glass counters. Boxed chocolates in fully decorated packages adorn the dark wall shelves and middle counter. Other colorful candies and mini chocolates add a winter-wonderland ambience to the area.

The attendants are very nice. Even if you just buy 1 piece of chocolate, you are treated with much dignity like a decent person. A lot of curious passers-by come in and check out the place, and get out without buying, but with no snobby glares from staff.

I tried the ones with hazelnut and praline. Dark, milk cubes. Everything tastes amazing. It's well worth around Php5 /gram. All 4 chocolates cost less than Php250.

This one is slightly bigger in size, with hazelnut caramel filling, I think. It's very delicious. Luckily, I'm not a chocolate addict.

I've gotten interested with all the new gourmet chocolates in town, hoping to finally score one which could taste exactly like Ragusa - one of the most elusive, yet marvellously concocted chocolate ever..


visited branches: Rockwell, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma

Royce' is another gourmet chocolate which I'm ├╝ber glad I tried. It's new but spreading like a hot virus around posh malls. Most don't even notice it. It's usually a stand-alone kiosk, like an ice cream station. For those familliar with Royce', these freezer counters are treasure troves of melting Nama squares.

Considering there are 20 pieces in 1 Nama box, Php580 is a steal. I have no idea what is happening with these chocolates, but Nama will definitely melt in your mouth and get inhaled with one breath.

From the classy white Royce' plastic bag, Nama chocolates are placed in a special 'aluminum freezer bag' with a dry ice cube. Few more layers of paper covering, a box, and the actual chocolate container, the act of unfolding a Nama is joy in itself.

The Royce' Prafeuille Chocolat boxes have 30 pieces of thin, syrup-filled, individually wrapped goodness, priced at Php540/box. There are few choice fillings, but I recommend the Berry variant. It'll make you high, it hits like wine.


Still, nothing matches the creamy hazelnut and praline filling of Ragusa. It comes in single-row bars, and big-ass bars. The hazelnuts are huge, drowning in soft praline, coated with a thin darker chocolate. It's just perfect. It's never been catered to the Philippines before, but I found some in KL Budget Airport (across McDonald's) and at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes in Singapore.
The best chocolate for me! Perhaps I haven't come across Amedei chocolates yet, but I'm hunting.
In Singapore, each bar goes for around S$7 each or around Php230+ each. It's worth every cent I swear.
Ragusa is available at Chocolates.Candy.Delicatessen at the #B2-57 Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, Singapore (same level as the canal)
Camille Bloch has its own product stand. They also carry Torino and Ragusa Noir (but taste is nowhere near the original Ragusa).
 ------------------------------------ ***** -------------- ***** -----------------------------
I have recently come across these bunch of Ragusa bars at Santi's Deli in C3 Bonifacio High Street in Taguig (facing the parking area). They don't sell the original Ragusa variant, only the Noir bars and new caramel flavor called Ragusa Blond. 100g for only Php149 each? It's a total steal! Wish they'd carry the original Ragusa soon!

Since my trip to Japan, this unexpected chocolate stole my heart, damn! I don't know why, it's probably my aging taste buds, but this odd fusion of Matcha Tiramisu tastes too good for me. Its sweetly, salty bitterness with a crunch formed a perfect bite in my mouth. Costs around JPYen 1000 per box.
Found this at Narita Airport terminal
Each one is covered in this lovely green plastic
Matcha coated chocolate
With whole almond at the core
Each box only has 20 pieces. I ate them all at once *sob*


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