Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, Mall of Asia

The newest weekend place-to-be is, again, along the Mall of Asia seaside restaurant strip. From the mini Dampa, to the middle grounds of San Miguel by the Bay, up to the stretch of LAX club and Oceano even, patrons line-up to marvel and dine as this year's pyromusical event takes place.

The skies lit up as waves of people cheer on the stunning colors. It is still best seen in person. Even the greatest photographer will have a slim chance of really transporting you in front of the crackers. The surreal, 3D-like popping fireworks, amazingly real for a second, then gone the next. It was awesome.

It is no wonder thounsands brave the traffic, paid the cheapest Php100 entrance ticket (farthest strip location) as every single inch counts just to get near the pyro presentation.

We chose to dine at Harbor View Restaurant. Their promo of Php300/person is convenient and better than paying Php200 for the entrance but get no food. Tickets from Php100-500 get access to the 'boulevard' area. It is the closest to the sea (if you can squeeze against the masses). Behind it are the designated restaurant seats, which we took. Nearby, the President's Tea House costs Php485/person for a buffet dinner. Come by around 6PM, as the tables get snagged easily, and probably all taken before 7PM.

The IMAX entrance will be closed, as well as both ends of MoA. A lot of people settled at the parking area and on the streets. A stage is set-up in the middle, where local and foreign artists perform, so the edges of the perimeter are closed off as well. People get real inventive as to where to get their fireworks angle.
It is highly recommended to see it at least once in its 5-weekend run. Last sparks are on March 12th.

VIP (w/ dinner): P1,500
VIP: P500
Gold: P200
Silver: P100

2011 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition
SM Mall of Asia
Tel: 09175024001 / 09178564130 / 09175336513
09179417454 / 09178114001 / 023524566

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