Arya, Robinsons

Arya has interestingly two locations in Robinsons Mall alone. A bigger resto at G/F and another smaller version, but different design, at the 2/F Midtown atrium. We had lunch at the G/F branch.

click for Panoramic view of Arya:

The place was deserted, save for a few foreigners. Arya attracts patrons who are familiar with Arabic dishes or those adventurous enough to try. The elaborate curtains and colorful tiles certainly transport clients halfway between the Arab sands and the modern city. Hookas on servers' counter are probably free to borrow or maybe just for decor.

Assorted drinks and liquors fill the wall shelves. They weren't scrimp on lighting the golden curtains behind the counter either. A blue accent wall at the far end of the restaurant completes the Arabic feel.

The Middle Eastern touch extends to the red brimmed plates and yellow against plastic striped place mats. Two bottles of spicy and garlice sauces are provided per table. Waiters are attentive and keep their distances behind their counter most of the time.

Hot Calamansi

Onion Soup: Php105

Migu Tanoori: Php340

Royal Joojeh: Php365

Servings are definitely on double sizes. Their rice is long (really long) and topped with melted butter. For the dishes we tried, everything is well worth the price considering the service, location, and quantity.

Robinsons Place
Midtown Wing, Pedro Gil, Ermita
Tel: (02) 567-7200

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