Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tagaytay Country Hotel

One with the perfect location, Tagaytay Country Hotel is a modest hotel with old world charm is a sweet retreat in the middle of Tagaytay. Located within the Olivarez Plaza, guests will pass rows and rows of retail stalls, including the nearby Mercury Drugs, 7-11, KFC, and 24-hour McDonald's.
The sloping driveway will lead to a rich garden fronting the Tagaytay Country Hotel. The hotel facade itself is cradled with creeping wall vines and manicured plant arrangements and flowers. An English-looking, effortless nook features an outdoor fountain. Limited parking space is available in front and perhaps, around the hotel.

A welcoming small lobby is bright and straightforward. The reception area is always manned. Guards are permanently roaming the hotel grounds, and keeping tabs of each person coming in and out of the hotel during night time.

A mini-jungle with flowing water feature centers the lobby. This area is where the good WiFi signal is. Guests pften take refuge in one of the many seats in the lobby, at any hours of the day. WiFi is free.

Seats near the inner corridors have slower WiFi connections. Just use your lap as table when you use netbooks or laptops. The place is generally quiet, simple, and clean.

An aquarium with few small fishes is behind the center feature of the lobby. Two low glass counters display souvenir items for sale.

A long corridor which faces the outdoor fountain, the gazebo and the pool is where some of the rooms are located. The function rooms are also located at this wing.

The swimming pool is of adequate size, but I enver saw any lifeguards or staff at all assigned to the pool area. Nearby is the La Costa Spa, which is the hotel's affiliated Spa facility.

A few lounge chairs are lined around the pool. I have no idea if the water is cold or heated, but I have a feeling it may be dead cold. A separate round mini-pool is probably a whirlpool, but most likely a kiddie pool.

Deluxe Room: Php 4,850 (bed and breakfast)
Rooms are big and equipped with personal sized table and chairs, ref, cable tv, and closet.

The design is simple and materials used are conservative but standard. The white paint certainly makes the room bigger, and the recessed ceiling lights add a modern touch to the place.

A divider and sliding door is provided for the shower area. A sink and toilet have ample spaces around them, but there is noticeably no bidet. Hopefully they could update this issue.

As each hotel turns eco, some friendly reminders about electricity and water usage is posted.

Shampoo and conditioner sachets are placed on the bathroom counter, together with soap and toothbrush.

Country Grill Menu

Kare-kare: Php370

Sinigang na Baboy: Php220

Sinigang na Lapu-lapu: Php395

Crispy Fried Chicken (half): Php195

Tagaytay Country Hotel
Olivarez Plaza, E. Aguinaldo Hi-Way
Tagaytay City 4120

Tel: (046) 413-3310


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