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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Jupiter, Makati

Chic Boy (Chicken and Baboy) stands out along the posh restos along Jupiter Street in Makati. Not just because it's cheap, but also due to the massive cars parked outside, overflowing patrons especially from dinner til late night. It is a 24-hour joint after all.
The interiors are not short of well-designated drop lights and fiesta ambiance. It blends well with the vast of themed-restaurants in the area.
Upon entry, there is a likely 'Mang Inasal' feel, but it's a bit lighter and offers quite a different dining experience.

Outdoor dining is available, mixed with the smoke of grilled goodness and car fumes, but only subtly. Their specialty is grilled. Be it chicken, meat, for fish. They also serve soups, some desserts, and beer, among others.

It is self-service, so you can see for yourself how long the prices are. It's a real steal, especially in the area.

The native droplights contrast well with the dark ceiling. Floating square beams create a decent feel to Chic-Boy. There are many servers, most of them are dependable and fast.

Limited parking is a common problem, but nearby establishments will allow you to park at a certain fee (sometimes), or you can park across Chic-Boy if office hours are over.

Toilet and wash area kept clean. There is an outdoor aircon/mist breeze in the al fresco area. Each table has their own condiments and tissue container.

Sinigang na Baboy: Php48

Inihaw na Liempo with rice: Php99

Pork Barbecue: Php40

112 Jupiter St.(beside Strumms), Makati City
Tel No. 6594762/ 6598000

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