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Monday, November 8, 2010

Tagaytay Picnic Grove

Tagaytay Picnic Grove:

One of the popular tourist spots in Tagaytay is the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. People of all generations love to visit this place no matter what its condition may be, because it offers the perfect location to view the majestic Taal Volcano.

As of 2010, the Entrance Fee is Php50 per Adult or child, 4yr-old above:

List of car parking fee and other facilities are indicated. This is in addition to the entrace payment.

Upon entry, rows of vendors are positioned left and right, offering souvenirs, food, knick knacks, among others. There is also a horse riding area, which is quite smelly, but that's normal among horses, I guess.

The air is always inviting in Tagaytay. It's a bit cold, quite relaxing. The trees are swaying from the wind, and the view of the volcano would make the visit all worthwhile. Cars can park in various spots inside the picnic grove.

There are plenty of cottages, and seats around the park. The ones with a view are of course snagged up most. Stores selling food and souvenirs are also available all around the area.

Some of the sad parts of the picnic grove are the dilapidated buildings. The main hut (lower left), where the concierge is supposed to be, is embarassing. It's dark and dirty. Worse is that it still functions as the main customer service desk. There is a public bathroom which is unmentionable. There are some wooden seats, store counters, and cellphone loading area. A new restaurant (lower right) is also available nearby.

On another deserted note, the Green Deck area, very near the newly opened Cable Car and Zipline rides, is unkempt and hopefully renovated into something useful.

Caged 'cable car' rides can fit about 8-10 kids perhaps. The ride is quite long, passing a deep cliff.

Viewers flock on the deck. There is a very long walkway from both ends of the cable rides.

You can walk underneath the passing cable cars and take photos, as what most companions do.

The ziplines use a pretty unsophisticated 'break' equipment of around 2 orange painted tyres, which stop the coming zipliner from banging on to trees.

The long walkway is nice. It's wooden, and no holes or missing planks yet. But the rusting hand rails are a bit of a turn off.

Music blasts from speakers from both ends of the ride. The atmosphere is generally festive. People are happy and unconcerned with the less than posh facilities. It is not too expensive after all.

Cable Car Weekday Rates:
1 Way Ride = Php100 per person / 2 Way Ride = Php200 per person
Cable Car Weekend Rates:
1 Way Ride = Php200 per person / 2 Way Ride = Php300 per person

Zipline Weekday Rates:
1 Way Ride = Php100 per person / 2 Way Ride = Php200 per person
Zipline Weekend / Holiday Rates:
1 Way Ride = Php200 per person / 2 Way Ride = Php300 per person

Aside from the zip rides, the horseback riding, biking rentals, and skating lanes, the cool air and the view of Taal Volcano remain as the top reasons for thousands of visits the place gets.

Tagaytay Zipline Official Site

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