visited branches: Greenbelt 2, Robinsons Malate

Flapjacks is one of those feel-good, homey restaurants, like Pancake House. One look and you'll get confused as to which carbo combo to order. They serve tummy-happy dishes like pancakes, pasta, steaks, soups, grilled fish and more.

Flapjacks at Robinsons has the same radiant color in bright yellow hue.

Their large servings were accurately captured thru the large photos on the wall.

The open kitchen shares the delicious smell of dishes being cooked.

The interiors at Flapjacks Greenbelt will gear you up for eating. Sunrise colors of oranges and yellow, mixed with purple borders and backdrop lights offer a very relaxing lunch or dinner. Servers are attentive and knowledgeable of their menu.

Each table has salt and pepper shakesrs, as well as some sugar packets.

Pan Seared White Fish: Php265

Hot Tea: Php75

Griddle Potatoes: Php67+ / Iced Tea: Php75

If you're not in rush, Flapjacks definitely serves up good food and a good time. Servings are not scrimped either. Some main plates are good for sharing already.

Robinsons Place, Malate
Tel: (02)567-2745

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