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Friday, September 10, 2010

Lorenzo's Way

Lorenzo's Way, Greenbelt 5

One of LJC's brand of expensive restaurants is Lorenzo's Way. It's supposedly a tribute to Larry Cruz, and opts to display his signature dishes. And as one of the new fine dining spots in Greenbelt 5, it's given that it's pricey beyond its worth.

Service is top notch, staff are attentive and knowledgeable of the food they serve. Seats are comfy and tables are large, good for gatherings.

The high ceiling makes the small space seem decent sized. Combined with emphasized lighting fixtures, it reeks of classy, classic, and homey ambiance.

Various wooden materials are used in Lorenzo's Way. Dark, bamboo-like, cherry-type colored wooden walls, sidings, and moulding strips. Some hint of greenery for color. It's a nicely designed interior.

Save for the dripping ceiling air-condition unit on one of the tables near the window, everything else seems functional and defined. They have a stocked bar with wine selection.

Few paintings adorn the walls. The cozy area at the back is popular among patrons.

Tables are set with plates, utensils, napkins, and some folded paper promo for the month.

For a regular folk like me, I'm not seeing this to be one of my favorite restaurants. I would recommend Cafe Havana instead, if asked to choose between LJC restos. Price is high, food is ok in Lorenzo's Way. You would basically end up paying for the interiors or the location.

Lorenzo's Grand Iced Tea: Php190

Calamansi Juice: Php75

Lengua Estofada: Php395

Binukadkad na Pla-pla: Php385

Lorenzo's Way
G/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel: (02)729-0047

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