Saturday, September 4, 2010

Highlands Steakhouse

Highlands Steakhouse, Mall of Asia

Originally from Tagaytay Highlands, this log-cabin resto took to Manila shores to share its imported steaks. Highlands Steakhouse claims the corner spot at Mall of Asia's 2nd floor, facing the ocean, just beside IMAX.

When we got there, it was empty. We felt like lost souls slowly walking inside some very American looking resto. Turns out that numerous wait staff are littered all over. They're all very professional and do not bother diners unless they're summoned.

Wood is the word for Highland Steakhouse. From top to bottom, only the polished bark is good enough for the interiors. The theme is 'hunting season in the woods'. Horses, deer, and other usual roadkill specie's photo, carving, or body part can be found on the walls.

Poor deer. It's a little creepy, but of course, it's priceless for the ambiance. Antler chandeliers. Not sure if these stuff are fake. What do I know.

The place is very roomy and bright. Upon entry, a counterstone presents the dairy and meat produce, as well as other condiments.

The rotiserrie has its own glass divider. Guests can see the chef/cook do his thing. There's a display rack for dessert.

Some private areas with Southern state names like Texas, Montana, Arizona, perfect for large gatherings.

Tables are ready with napkins. Condiments and utensils will be brought by staff as you order.

Outside seating areas must be popular at night, especially on 7PM Friday and Saturday dinner time when the weekly fireworks happen. Al fresco seats have more of a lounge seats, with wide base, plus back and bottom couch pads.

Before we left, only 3 other coupled guests came. All with a foreigner in tow. Of course, the price is "dollars", as they say. But serving size is good for two, if you and your companion are regular sized. Our waiter was really nice. We decided to split the Striploin steak, and he served it to us in separate plates, cut, clean, and garnished.

Complimentary bread and butter

Chamomile Tea: Php50

Banana Shake: Php80

New York Striploin: Php1280

Mashed Potato: Php88

Taste is good. Service is more than good. I wouldn't say it's the best steak I've had, coz I haven't had that much. It's a little pricey for a common folk like me. I'd say try it once, or twice if you loved it. Some cheaper steakhouses are Tender Bob's or Holy Cow. Italianni's have great steaks as well.

Highlands Steakhouse
2/F Unit 213 Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia, Bay Blvd.
Tel: (02) 556-0768

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