Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Foot for the Gods

Foot for the Gods, Mall of Asia:

Eventhough Mall of Asia is huge, there are notably few spas and massage centres, and most of them have a limited space which commonly cater to foot massages. Hopefully a full-on spa with rooms, sauna, and other pampering facilities can get footing on MoA soon!

Anyway, Foot for the Gods offers a better service, I would say, compared to nearby spas. Their foot massage is actually foot reflex, which is about 100x better. The price is about the same range as neighbor spas. And the lay-out and seat arrangements mimic each other as well.

Foot Spa: Php380
Foor Reflex: Php420
Foot & Back Massage: Php480

Upon given a seat, you will be ushered to their 'foot wash' area wherein your attendant will wash your feet using some liquid soap and rinse it using a pull-out sprayer faucet. You get to seat by a cushy couch with pillows.

There are about 10 lazy boy-like seats, with 5 backed up each wall. Everything is dark, music is soothing, aircon is nice and relaxing. Not freezing. There's a not too obvious Greek theme going on. The ruins and sculpture images by the wall is a little unnoticed.

Near the 'foot wash' section is their service area where they wash towels and prepare teas.

On to the foot reflex, I'd say it's totally worth it. Maybe I just got lucky that my attendant was awesome. Still, everyone seems to be working really hard to satisfy their customers. A nice tip is welcome, especially if you had a great time.

Foot for the Gods
2nd Level, South Wing
SM Mall of Asia
Telephone: (632)556-0727


  1. which do you prefer? the foot for the gods or the big bucket? i've tried the big bucket before, but i want to try this one as well.

  2. Been to foot for the gods, not going there again. The manager/owner was rude to someone while I was there.


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